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Technical Sessions

The AFS 2016 Fall Conference will feature three tracks:  water, air and a track covering topics that apply to both air and water.  Technical sessions will be 30 minutes long (25 minute presentation and 5 minute Q & A.

Track 1 Technical sessions and Moderators

  • Membranes, Scott Yaeger
  • Membrane Pretreatment Strategies, Andy Narayanan
  • Wastewater Recovery & Reuse, Peter Cartwright
  • Water Treatment Technologies – What’s Coming?, Ed Gregor

Track 2 Technical sessions and Moderators

  • New Developments in Filter Media, Donna Sullivan
  • Commercial HVAC, Rahul Bharadwaj
  • Residential HVAC & IAQ, Himanshu Jasuja
  • Theoretical, Shawn Chen

Track 3 Technical sessions and Moderators

  • Theoretical & Applied Science, George Chase
  • Modeling & Simulation, Martin Lehmann
  • Testing & Instrumentation, Tim Johnson
  • Adhesives or Filters, Derek Hofsess
  • Adsorbent Technologies, Paula Levasseur
  • Sensors & Monitoring, Charles Koehler