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Ultrafiltration Membrane

Course: 0.4 CEUs
Scott Yaeger – Instructor

This course provides an in depth study of the Ultrafiltration membranes typically used in the Pharmaceutical, Microelectronic, Food and Beverage, Water and Waste Water, Coatings, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Laboratory, and Medical Markets.

The attendee will learn about membrane:

  • Definitions
    • Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, and Reverse Osmosis
  • Terminology
    • Flux, Permeate, Cross Flow Velocity, Trans Membrane Pressure, Concentration Polarization
  • Types
    • Philicity, Morphology, Structure, Formats, Materials, and Supports
  • Membrane Formation
    • Liquid, Vapor, and Thermal Phase Inversion
  • Pore Structure
    • Isotropic, Anisotropic, Asymmetric
  • Pore Size
    • History, Measurement, Efficiency, Reality, Integrity Testing, Distribution
  • Retention Efficiency
    • Nominal Molecular Weight Cut Off, Absolute, Real World
  • Surface Modification
    • Philicity, Adsorption, Binding
  • Retention Mechanisms
    • Sieve, Adsorption, Velocity, Size Exclusion
  • Pressure/Flow Characteristics
    • Thickness, Pore Distribution, Surface Area, Effective Surface Area
  • Life
    • Plugging, Passage, Grow Through, Cross Flow Parameters
  • Device Geometries
    • Hollow Fiber, Tubular, Spiral Wound, Flat Plate Cassettes
  • Cross Flow Filtration
    • Critical Parameters and Control, Single or Multiple Use
  • Applications
    • Pharmaceutical, BioPharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Microelectronics, Chemical, Medical, Laboratory

The aforementioned bullet points are representative but by no means totally inclusive.

Instructor Bio:
Over 30 years of experience in the development, manufacture, sales, marketing, application, and management of membrane companies including Sartorius, Cuno, Gelman Sciences, Parker Hannifin, and PTI Advanced Filtration. Mr. Yaeger has held positions titled Vice President, Engineering, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Sr. Vice President and General Manager, Executive Vice President. In addition to his experience in membrane manufacturing companies, Mr. Yaeger has spent a significant part of his career working with membrane users in all applicable markets worldwide. For the last four years, Scott has been the President of Filtration and Separation Technology LLC, an independent consulting company assisting filter media manufacturers, filtration companies and users. He has taught this short course for the last 3 years at the American Filtration and Separation Society and AIChE. This course is very interactive and has been graded by its participants with grades of very good to exceptional.